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How can today's world be created holistically-humane ?

Gabriel Waldeyer im Dezember 2022 Photo 1 My vision of an ideal world is one in which every human being is self-realized, self-aware and self-determined out of their higher will, acts, reaps and shapes his life freely, consciously, self-empowered and independently.

This especially in professional life, where we spend a large part of our daily lives. A must-to-go-to-work transforms into a want to-go-to-work and the need to constantly regenerate from one's job or retire from it dissolves.

Competition and rivalry has the holy purpose of showing you where you can further recognize yourself in your uniqueness and non-copy­ness, enlivens this world and brings momentum.

Marketing transforms into a pure networking and information offer, because on the one hand you no longer have to sell anything that the other one doesn't need, because you are just yourself and on the other hand, in self-realizations there is no longer any lack of foreign identity (because everyone has taken their unique place), which could be used for one-sided profit.

Entrepreneurs take on the sacred task of creating the external framework for the self-realization of others as part of their own self-realization and no longer out of the intention to maximize profit.

There are no longer any fluctuations in the value of currencies, real estate or work services because the value of a product or service is no longer determined by the relation­ship between supply and demand, but solely by its quality and uniqueness as well as out of its effort.

Any form of economic activity based on fluctuations in value, such as the interest system, no longer applies. The status of money lending also no longer applies. This shall be institutionalized by the state, meaning that the profession of “investor to let others work for you” will no longer exist. Invest­ments are still essential, but here too, for self-realization and not for the intention of profit maximization.

This means that employees, employers­/entre­preneurs, self-employed people and investors are all on an equal footing; there are no hierarchies because everyone has their unique place and their unique and equally important task. Of course, the body of a car is more substantial than a small screw that holds it together. But everyone has their own individual level of ability and capacity and without the screws holding the body together, the body would not be functional.

Gabriel Waldeyer im Dezember 2022 Photo 2 The appropriate and fair energy balance belongs to this ideal, free world of togetherness. This can take the form of money, appreciation or an increase in inner wealth (knowledge, wisdom, fulfilment, growth, further development).

Everything should always be a win-win situation, so that the abundance of one is not based on the lack of the other. In this way, the zero line is steadily raised in a world of polarities and dualities and the human community "ascends". The extremely large difference between extreme wealth and extreme poverty changes to the next higher level of development.

Gabriel Waldeyer im Dezember 2022 Photo 3 My mission and passion is uniqueness, independence, joy and enthusiasm in our lifetime-projects, mostly realized in professional jobs.

My leading motivation: "Achieve the maximum with the least possible effort".

Motto: Conscious In Business With Appreciated Labour.

My favourite quote (author unknown): "Community is the highest form of spirituality, but only if everyone involved self-sufficient."

Can I reach you with this heart's desire? I can't transform the current world alone, therefore I cordially invite you to come into my world and help creating it or pick up the idea and develop it further.

Pragser Wildsee in Südtirol im Oktober 2022

My service and state of Being-Doing

My contribution to this vision is, on the one hand, to further develop this body of thought, to publish ideas, to take up other ideas, to integrate them, to reflect on them and to develop them further.

I am passionate about everything that has the power to bring the current world into a fairer form of co­existence in which everyone can take the place that is right for them.

Great role models for me are, for example, the ideas from
Michael Ende "Momo",
Silvio Gesell "the natural economic order",
Peter Haisenko "the humane market economy" as well as the billionaire and founder of the DM drugstore group
Götz Werner on the “un­conditional basic income”.

There needs to be a balancing act between the old and new worlds.

In the old world, you inevitably have to (!) deal with the dilapidated and absurd issue of making money today if you disagree to live as a parasite from others but you should do this in such a way that it impairs your unique being as little as possible and at the same time you can use a lot of your time and life energy to live your soul qualities.

As a personal service, I will help you to develop and increase your self-knowledge:
WHO am I?
WHAT is the purpose of my existence? and
WHAT exactly does my soul have planned for me, especially professionally, in order to be able to develop freely in this old and ailing economic and monetary system?

Requirement: You are passionate about goals, dreams, niches or visions. Being a pensioner or being a parasite/parasite completely paralyzes my soul and I can't help that.

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Detailed explanation of my vision and heart purpose (in German language):

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My wiki (FAQ) on individuality, self-realization and holistic professional specialization:


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