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"In everything I do, I put my heart, my soul, my passion, my joy, the highest quality standards and the best results based on talent and qualifications. The doings I am not meant for, I leave to those who are better suited to the respective topic."


Gabriel Waldeyer, Munich / Germany

1. IT service with a focus on SAP Finance

As an IT freelancer and project manager in the area of SAP accounting, controlling, reporting and consolidation, I preferably support companies with a high share of added value for society, world improvement, peace, holistic health, justice, freedom, culture, sustainability and humanity.

2. Business advice on pro­fessional topics in a holistic approach

Is your current job in harmony with your heart, your values and your soul? How does your mani­festation ability support you in achieving financial freedom?

3. Removals, clearing out, new/re-designs

For a new beginning and release of pent-up energies.

4. Photo-Shootings and Audio-Recordings (Mobile)

To immortalize special moments (where love is, no matter if human or divine) in special surroundings. Photo examples of nature shots on my Instagram account @cibwal. Professional audio recording equipment with high-end microphones and recording technology (Sennheiser, Neumann, Apple, etc.), suited best for live performed classic / complex music which needs much differenciation in the recording. Email request is sufficient.

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